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“Death Metal song lyrics were what got me started. But first, 13 years after my first band, Nomenclature Diablerie (c.1988), eye moved to the Blue Mountains and met the drummer from Chaotic Impurity. He and The Unnamed were in the process of resurrecting the band after a seven year dirt nap…”



“While my series is a blend of Fantasy and Horror, pretty much everything else eye write is purely Horror; from the extreme end of the spectrum to the creepy and subtle. Some eye even inject a little dark humour into, depending on the theme. Extreme, psychological, occult, creature, body horror, splattergore, supernatural, even the occasional venture into the bizarro realm.”


“The first of those books is a Werewolf novella which eye am hells excited about bringing back to life!, Wolvz: Whispers of War. It’s on pre-order at the time of writing this, due for release October 31. One of the koolest things anyone has ever said about my writing is from a review for Wolvz –
“A melodic slaughter. Crimson honey for your mind.”


“Writing is my passion, so therein lie my plans. My dreams of making it in my music career were doomed from the start. For one, the kind of music eye play is pretty rarely ever sustainably successful. Apart from that, the Australian music industry is a total bag of shit.”


“As of now, and for the next few moons, you can only purchase my books on Amazon:


In time, eye plan to expand to various other distribution outlets. This year has kinda been a period of ‘reinventing myself’.”


“Eye am extremely fortunate to have Mar by my side. She is the real deal and a well-respected name in the Indie Horror community. She made my decision to self publish a no-brainer.”

my love

“My best memory though, is from 2005, when we played at Bloodlust V. My son, Odin was 10 years old and we gave him his first taste of live performance. He got up and played our last song with us, ending our set with a shreddin’ guitar solo that freaked every kunt out hahaha.”


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I reviewed “Wolvz: Whispers of War” by Toneye Eyenot

A Fangtastic review for Wolvz: Whispers of War to help celebrate the Unleashing!

Lily Lamb

This story is vivid, spine chilling, gory and visceral. I felt tearful, angry, a bit blood thirsty and spiteful towards the human race as I read the story. These werewolves in the story are not one’s average creatures. They are vengeful, hurting and furious so imagine their revenge on humankind….and that is exactly what is happening in “Wolvz”. It is written in 1st POV which made the read feel deeply personal. I was emerged in the story, living and breathing it. I felt like one of the wolf community so I ached with hurt and anger. At one stage I seriously wondered whether there was such thing called a werewolf and doubted whether the author was one, living among us secretly.



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The long awaited rerelease of this ravenous tale is finally upon us! No locks or prayers will save you now. The Wolvz are at your door!

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SYNOPSIS: The war on humanity has begun… Wolfhaven – ground zero – none in this town will survive the wrath of the pack. The first slaughter sparks the beginning of the end for humanity as the Wolfhaven pack descends upon the unsuspecting townsfolk to exact revenge for the killing of one of our own – Pharo, the mother of the pack, once feared and respected by our kind throughout the region, is no more. Claude’s plan is bold yet carefully thought out; to spread from Wolfhaven, town by town, village by village, city by city; to rid the world of the human plague and put an end to the desecration of this wondrous planet. It all begins here. As the ranks swell, the surrounding packs forming alliances and consolidating, select humans spared annihilation to be turned and assimilated as the moon casts her influence. Will our beloved Alpha’s grand plan come to fruition? Or, will pettiness, arrogance, and territorial pissing end this war before it begins? I am Shona, first daughter of Pharo, and here my story begins…

The Bold Mom Wolvz cover artist and Horror promoter extraordinaire has described this book as – “This is a beautiful book. Bloody, visceral, gore… beautiful. A melodic slaughter. Crimson honey for your mind.” ~ Mar Garcia-Amorena

TBM-come in

“This story is vivid, spine chilling, gory and visceral. I felt tearful, angry, a bit blood thirsty and spiteful towards the human race as I read the story. “ ~ Lily Lamb – (Goodreads review)

 “A tale of wolven vengeance. Eyenot penned a story for true fans of lunar shapeshifters. A quick and brutal read that holds you from start to finish, drenched in blood and gore yet executed with the poetic prose he’s known for. A howling good read!”Chellewolf (Amazon reviewer)

5.0 out of 5 starsDark, Beautifully Written Horror Novel “The anger, violence, and blood lust practically drip off the pages. It’s a strange contrast, but it enhances the book immensely. I give this book top points on all counts.” ~ CLOregon (Amazon reviewer)

Also, a new discovery for me. One of the beta readers for Wolvz: Whispers of War and a fellow Werewolf afficionado, Lou Yardley. She is the author of this fangtastic novel, Hellhound, a finalist in the Independent Author Network Book of the Year Award and a throat ripper of a great yarn! Click on the cover pic here to purchase.


Lou Yardley author pic  Lou had this to say about Wolvz: Whispers of War:

“A werewolf tale that’s not afraid to take huge bites out of its characters. It will claw its way into your mind and leave you begging for more!” ~ Lou Yardley 

Are you ready for WAR? It’s time to cast aside your human skin and enter the world of the WEREWOLF! 

Abysmal Feast

Bibliophilia Templum

Abysmal Feast:
An Agglomeration of Anthropophagic Atrocities
By Toneye Eyenot


Daring and Gruesome

Synopsis Blurb

The human soul’s cavity can only be measured through a spectrum of darkness. The deeper, the more humid and colourless.

The atrocities scrutinizing your most abominable desires creep up on every single thought, escaping the pressure of your attempt to control… your hunger. Ferocious hunger increasing at every pull of the leash.

Do you think you are the one controlling it?
You think wrong.

Content Review

Abysmal Feast by Toneye Eyenot plunges headlong into the taboo subject of cannibalism.  And it takes the reader along with it.  Each of the four stories is unique in premise.  All of the stories are extreme in content.  This collection is not for the faint of heart or stomach.

The stories in Abysmal Feast are expertly and blatantly woven.  They are solid stories with intricate characters and plots.  I…

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Of Nightmare Realities — Bibliophilia Templum

OF NIGHTMARE REALITIES By Toneye Eyenot Haunting Tales of Living Nightmares Synopsis Your vision blurred, body buzzing with exhaustion, flashes of malevolent darkness in the corners of your eyes…they sense you slipping. They are impatiently tugging at your consciousness. You can’t stay awake forever, and when you finally do fall asleep…they will be there, waiting […]

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