FLASH OF DARKNESS by Toneye Eyenot


Flash Fiction Collection

 “Lurk within my mind(s) and see
The terrors which await thee…
Just keep in mind, once in my mind
You cannot flee…” ~Eyenot
Nightmare realities…Demonic anomalies.
Unquenchable thirst for blood and
Rabid hunger for warm, quivering flesh…
Descend into the foulest depths of Hell.
Five flashes of terror to torment your mind…
Allow Eyenot to drag you through the darkness.
You may never find your way back to the light.

“Flash of Darkness” is an entertaining romp of a collection, full of modern characters plagued by classic Gothic issues of madness and morality.
(K. Holton)

Toneye draws you in with his profound prose and then as you become entwined he devours you. Anyone who enjoys reading for the pleasure of being immersed in a writers mind, these tales of terror are for you (Theresajcbs)

Excellent writing style. Poetic and gruesome. I thoroughly enjoyed Flash of Darkness! The author takes us on several journeys, each as riveting as the next! (N. Heinz)

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