Are You Ready To Face Your Nightmares?

nightmare KIndle COVER

OF NIGHTMARE REALITIES – The next gathering of horrors to emerge from the darker than dark imaginings of Eyenot…unleashed April 9, 2018

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So… in the blinding wake of that Flash of Darkness, you survived your little Psychotic Interlude, and now you have dared to venture even further into the desolate mind(s) of this Luniakk…Well, aren’t you a brave soul!

When putting together this collection, something quite disturbing dawned on me. Eye was arranging these short tales in a way eye hoped to capture and keep you, all the way to the end of this book. It was my intention to break them up somewhat, noticing that the first couple of stories had a recurring theme of isolation and loneliness. Upon further attempts to diversify the order a little, it became evident that every story carries these dismal themes in one way or another. This was a little disconcerting to me at first. It made me wonder, “Am eye really that miserable and morbid?” But then Mar, my beautifully darker half, put it all into perspective for me and this collection suddenly made perfect sense; it was an epiphany of sorts.

She told me, “A lot like Death, the most terrifying thing about nightmares is that you face them completely alone.”

Kinda like reading a book, really, isn’t it? Now it’s your turn. Step warily into the nightmare realms of my mind(s). Maybe…just, maybe, you won’t be as alone as you think.

cover created and designed by Mar G-A. Disturbing Drawings:


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