LIMITED OFFER! Luniakk Editing Clients Receive $200 Gift Voucher From The Bold Mom!

(Offer lasts until June 30. Available for clients with manuscripts to edit of minimum 20k word novella, and up to your most behemoth sized novel)

We understand it is no cheap venture to self publish a book. But on the other hand, we also know how important it is for your wordchild to be given the proper attention it needs before being sent out into the big bad world to survive, and hopefully thrive. The big killer is in the editing. Industry standard dictates average rates from between $30-$60 per hour, at an estimated pace between 1 and 10 pages – 1 page = 250 words – per hour (depending on the type of editing required). That can add up to thousands for a novel of 100k words or more… Scary!

While my rates are well below the industry standard: from 2-5 cents a word, depending  on the initial state of the manuscript submitted (2c for nicely pre-polished, 5c for a bloody mess), clearly, to have your manuscript professionally edited is still going to cost a kidney and maybe even the lion’s share of your liver…not gonna lie. So how about we sweeten the deal a bit.

Luniakk Publications and The Bold Mom are offering, from now until the end of June, to all new clients of editing services (minimum 20k words), $200 to be spent in whichever way you choose from the list of The Bold Mom’s services available here:

TBM-come in

Promotion, cover art, graphics, book trailer…there’s plenty for you to choose from! You can either decide to save money on bringing your word baby to life, or giving it legs to run once spawned. Either way, you’re going to be hard pressed finding a better deal on a professional service such as what we are offering here.

For full rates, conditions and guidelines regarding the Luniakk editing service, visit here:

Just send all submissions to and we can work out a deal to help get your book professionally polished and published…with a generous side dish of  promotional support thrown in for good measure.

We look forward to working with you! Darkest regards,

Toneye Eyenot (Luniakk Publications) and Mar Garcia (The Bold Mom)

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