Enter the Minds of a Luniakk: What to Expect in 2018

2018 has seen the birth of Luniakk Publications – initially a platform, in collaboration with Disturbing Drawings and The Bold Mom, from which to launch the selected works of Toneye Eyenot and Mar Garcia. After four years of being traditionally published with J. Ellington Ashton Press and having work appearing in dozens of anthologies, it was decided that these tales of terror should be brought together in one place as a series of collections, under a brand indicative of the various writing ‘personalities’ Eyenot has become known for.

Since its inception, Luniakk has begun to grow in a few different directions while still  maintaining the primary focus. The merging with The Bold Mom and Disturbing Drawings takes us into the realms of promotion, as well as publishing related services like formatting, editing and book covers. Authors who do come to us to have their book published are welcome to go under the Luniakk label, if they so choose, while still retaining all rights to every aspect of their work. Upon payment of services, the author is free to take their book and do with it what they will. Luniakk Publications takes zero percentage of royalties once the book is published and has no say in any decisions the author may make concerning their book. We’ll just help you get it in shape, get it out there and get it seen.

As the year progresses, Luniakk Publications will be unleashing Hell in various forms:  novellas, illustrated collections of short stories and poetry, with the possibility of anthologies a bit down the track. Future outside collaborations are in the cards. Also, an ancient and arcane discovery – translated into English by Eyenot – so terrifying the very fabric of existence may be torn asunder. Step into our darkness and descend into the foulest depths of Hell.

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