ABYSMAL FEAST is now available and served hot off the Luniakk grill! Above, we give you the full wrap cover, cooked up by the darkly talented Mar G-A. (Disturbing Drawings©)
And below – what exactly are you in for, you ask? Here, have a little nibble on us.


Greetings, wary traveller in the dark corridors of my psyche. What unholy hell have you stumbled into this time? Surely, you read the sign above the door before entering, right? Then, my friend, you may be quite cognizant of what lies ahead…Atrocities, so vile and horrific, even the most desensitised and hardened of you may need to take pause before continuing. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Anthropophagic, simply put, it means Cannibalistic and this is precisely the dark and bloody world you are about to traverse.

From those who revel and relish in the bloodthirsty practice – like savouring the delectably tender flesh of a newborn, as seen in the final (and in my humble opinion, the most distressing) tale, ‘Babycakes’ or simply the taste of human flesh in general as in ‘The Sanitarium Humanitarian’ – to individuals who have a complete lack of control over their carnal urges, as you shall see in ‘The Sadistic Nurse Emilie’. And then there are some who have been left with no other option and must do the unthinkable in order to survive, evident in our first little sojourn into Anthropophagy, ‘Interred’.

So, consider this a word of caution: If themes of infanticide, ghoulism, necrophilia, even claustrophobia, and well…cannibalism pull your triggers and set you off in a fit of blubbering, terrified outrage, then maybe you’ve stepped where you should not be, and there is no shame in quietly stepping back out into the safety of the real world. Because hey, these things don’t really happen in real life, do they? …do they??

For the rest of you, pull up a chair, grab yourself a bite to eat and enjoy the buffet of brutality. You are in for quite a treat.

Bon appetit!

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Cover art and creation by the fangtastic Mar G-A.!

Maybe a little entree will help you decide…

~ Excerpt from The Sadistic Nurse Emilie

“Oh, Nurse Emilie…” Nurse Emi cringed, her hope for a brief encounter dashed into irretrievable fragments. “It’s my legs, they’re restless and ache terribly. Can you give me something to relax, please? And I am parched. If you could bring me some water, I will be eternally grateful.”

“You poor thing,” Nurse Emi said, the mocking tone coming out unintentionally. “You look a little flat, let me fluff your pillow for you. Maybe that might give you some relief.”

Martha lifted her head as Nurse Emi reached for the pillow. Instead of fluffing it up for her, however, she slipped it from under her and slammed it down on her face so fast and hard, Martha felt the back of her skull crack on the firm mattress. Her arms flailed weakly, grabbing at Nurse Emi’s hands with no effect as she began to suffocate. Her restless legs became even more so, kicking wildly as she struggled for breath.

Holding the pillow firmly in place with one hand, she slipped her other hand beneath the blanket, prodding and pressing her way down Martha’s abdomen. “Speak up, Mrs. Leitner. Tell me if anything hurts.” Reaching the bladder area, she dug her fingers in hard. Immediately, Martha began to piss freely, soaking the mattress as she moaned in muffled agony.

Nurse Emi dug harder, and her fingers pierced through the flesh like pins through paper. With one final, desperate struggle, Martha Leitner went still, oxygen deprived and violently penetrated, she passed from this world in the most undignified way.




~ Excerpt from Interred

An anguished wail rose from her lungs and filled the room, turning into a scream which deafened her and elicited the familiar chorus from the connected rooms all around. Meg plunged the bone into Peter, unsure of where she struck, but she felt it penetrate its mark. Peter gave no response; he was already dead.

Meg fell upon him with desperate sobs and lay there for quite some time. She vomited several times until the burning bile scorched her throat. She knew that before long, she would be consuming the flesh of a human and the thought sickened her beyond belief.

An hour passed, maybe longer, and the gnawing in the pit of Meg’s stomach finally drove her to do the unthinkable. Crying, vomiting and crying some more, Meg took Peter’s limp arm in her grip and began to gouge at the flesh with the filthy bone, tearing it to shreds. She slowly brought the savaged arm to her pursed lips. Her mouth simply refused to open, her jaw locked tight in disgust.

Meg turned her head to the side and once again vomited, evacuating the last remaining bile in her stomach. She was left without choice at this point and with sobs echoing throughout the chamber, Meg began to eat.

The raw, bloody flesh of Peter’s arm refused to stay down, barely reaching her stomach before leaping back into her mouth in violent regurgitations, and she spat it out onto the floor. More screaming, more crying and sobbing, and once more, Meg took a bite from the shredded arm flesh. Chewing the disgusting meat, Meg concentrated intently on swallowing and keeping her morbid meal down, and with success at last.

She took another, larger bite and repeated the dismal process, again successfully. Two more mouthfuls were all she could stomach and Meg climbed off Peter’s corpse, rolling onto her back in shame and self-disgust.


Or perhaps these satisfied (and one horrified) diners can entice you 






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