Wolvz – Whispers of War; previously published, recently unpublished, and now returned to the author. It has been eloquently described in a review as: “A melodic slaughter. Crimson honey for your mind.”

Toneye Eyenot, accompanied by Mar Garcia-Amorena (The Bold Mom©  – Disturbing Drawings©) , are bringing it back to life; revised, re-edited and revamped, to be unleashed through Luniakk Publications and set loose among you all! Here, we proudly present to you the brand new cover, conjured from the darkness by the devilishly skilled Mar G-A. Feast your eyes and prepare yourselves for the carnage to soon follow!

Here’s a bloody taste of what’s in store…



Night of the Luniaks (The First Slaughter)

Terrified, agonised screams echo throughout darkened lanes and blood-soaked streets are littered with mangled human debris. Survivors scramble for the presumed safety of indoors. There is no hiding… no escaping. This is our night. Our glorious night, awash with the radiance of the Moon at her fullest. A night I share with my lupine sisters and brothers, in a bloody orgy of murderous lunacy.

Claude is our Alpha. A charismatic leader, both in human skin and in his true form. He saunters casually through the chaos, swatting nonchalantly at the frantic and piss-weak prey like annoying insects, as the pack rampages through the insultingly named town of Wolfhaven.

Wolfhaven…grrrr. This place isn’t, and hasn’t been for a long time, a haven for our kind. The surrounding forest, our home for hundreds of years, has gradually been decimated and reduced in its splendour to nearly half by these parasitic humans. They have hunted and killed many of our brethren, in their quest for domination of a land that never belonged to them, so now they pay in blood and eviscerated gore.

I am Shona, a fourth generation, pureblood Lycan bitch. Tonight is an especially personal one for me. In fact, this raid is executed in honour of my fallen mother, Pharo. She was the latest casualty, and the unforgivable spark, that has ignited this hellish war on the human population of our territory. It won’t end here, either. Claude has shared his vision with the pack. It is a plan that will see the demise of the human race, and a welcome end to the raping of this wondrous planet. It begins here, right now, in Wolfhaven, and will spread like a plague such as never before seen.


A wretch stumbles and falls at my feet. The sweat of this thing beneath me reeks of fear and panic, intensified as I pin it to the ground under my paw. Mesmerised by the vengeful blaze in my eyes, it remains still, petrified. Only the desperate pounding of its weak heart betrays it as still living.

As my glare burns through its face, my weight slowly pressing on the brittle ribcage, I imagine this one with an entirely different expression, as it parades through town with my dead mother held proudly aloft. My snarling breath hot on its face, it gags on a scream, as saliva drips from my jaw to fall and slide down the back of its throat. I do like to revel in their fear, but I have spent enough time gloating with this prize. One by one, my claws penetrate the chest and then slowly, I drag down, opening the body up from neck to groin. It screams. Its final vision is of my gaping maw, descending to tear away its head from the struggling body…



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