Wolvz: Whispers of War -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Book Review ***Spoilers***

More love for Wolvz: Whispers of War! Stay tuned for more from this Luniakk. Toneye Eyenot has another collection just ’round the bend. ‘Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf Savagery’ featuring the revised novella, ‘Blood Moon Big Top’! That’s right, Marbles the Clown is making his return to the published world. You have been warned.


Wolvz Whispers of War

Wolvz Whispers of War

Toneye Eyenot

5* Book review

“The war on humanity has begun…

Wolfhaven – ground zero – none in this town will
survive the wrath of the pack. The first slaughter sparks the beginning of the
end for humanity as the Wolfhaven pack descends upon the unsuspecting townsfolk
to exact revenge for the killing of one of our own – Pharo, the mother of the
pack, once feared and respected by our kind throughout the region, is no

Claude’s plan is bold yet carefully thought out;
to spread from Wolfhaven, town by town, village by village, city by city; to
rid the world of the human plague and put an end to the desecration of this
wondrous planet. It all begins here.

As the ranks swell, the surrounding packs
forming alliances and consolidating, select humans spared annihilation to be
turned and assimilated…

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