All Toneye Eyenot Kindle Titles Only 99c!

While the world spins out of control and there seems no escape, allow Luniakk Publications and Toneye Eyenot to provide you with one. For less than a dollar a trip, you can be dragged screaming from your comfortable little world into one so infinitely darker, the nightmare of this reality will pale in comparison.

From the shocking and extreme to the creepy and unnerving, Eyenot delivers the horror in spades. With more triggers than the entire U.S. military arsenal, be sure to tread carefully as you navigate these nightmare realms created for your morbid entertainment. Psychopaths, cannibals, demonic anomalies, monsters – human, beast and spirit await you.

What are you afraid of? Let us help you realise your deepest fears.

WARNING: You may never find your way back to the light.

Flash of


Of Nightmare

Abysmal Feast: An Agglomeration of Anthropophagic

Wolvz: Whispers of

Fangtastic Tales of Werewolf

*All titles available on Kindle Unlimited, and for the ‘traditionalist’ among you, all but Flash of Darkness can also be read on bloody slices of tattooed dead tree flesh.

Pleasant Nightmares

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