Welcome to the home of the Luniakk. The home of Toneye Eyenot – the Demon from the Dirt Down Under, Teller of Tales of Terror. This is my darkened den of iniquity, and you are welcome to stay for as long as you dare, but beware…

You may never find your way back to the light. 

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All of the Eyenot/Luniakk book formatting and covers have been created by the morbidly talented Mar Garcia of The Bold Mom and Disturbing Drawings. Visit her pages here and see what she can do for your book(s): The Bold Mom© , and Disturbing Drawings©

TBM-come in



There are no apologies made here. You will be disturbed, you will be dismayed. There are things you will not be able to unsee, perturbed feelings which will stay with you long after you put these books down. Tales of sadism, of calculating killers, the darkest desperations of the human spirit leading to the most corrupted and malevolent of actions.

Close your eyes. Rest your weary bones. Find yourself in the darkest corners of my mind(s)…Of Nightmare Realities – from which you may never wake.

Psychopaths…Human Monsters – Nobody is immune. Nobody is truly safe.
Enjoy this spiralling descent into your very own PSYCHOTIC INTERLUDE.

“Lurk within my mind(s) and see
The terrors which await thee…
Just keep in mind, once in my mind
You cannot flee…” ~Eyenot

Aside from the reading torment *I* will invariably inflict on you (see what eye did there?), I also offer reliable, professional and competitively priced editing (Horror only, sorry. No Paranormal Romance or Erotica). If you want to make your book glow with the literary darkness it deserves, take a look through the ‘Editing Services’ page and see if you think we’d be a good fit.


Enjoy your stay and do watch your step. It’s terribly dark in here…