QUAD: Now Available in Audiobook!

We are very pleased to announce that QUAD is now available in Audiobook! With many fangs of gratitude to Roma Gray and Night Sky Book Services for making it happen, Terry Self for his awesome narration, and as always, the fangtastically dark work of Mar Garcia-Amorena for this apocalyptically insane cover!

If you prefer to have your stories read to you, Terry will put you right there inside the head of our protagonist, and leave you shaken by the end. Also available as a Kindle eBook, whichever way you cut it, you’re in for a terrorific time!




The next round of depravities to be served up by Toneye Eyenot will be sure to turn the stomachs of the most hardened of fiends. ABYSMAL FEAST: An Agglomeration of Anthropophagic Atrocities is a cannibalistic concoction of carnage and chaos that you won’t soon forget! On your plates soon from the kitchen of Luniakk Publications. With the full wrap on its way in the next day or so, here is the front cover, once again cooked up by the disturbingly talented Mar G-A.! And why the flesh not? Give this scrumptious entree a try, on us 💀

“…Over the coming days, Meg became violently ill. The meagre meal of Peter’s arm, only a few bites, disagreed with her terribly. Peter had been sick to begin with, and although the eating of human flesh was in itself unnatural and repulsive, the disease ridden meat had caused Meg to become extremely unwell. She had purged herself from every orifice over the ensuing days and had become weak, listless, and once again starving. To her great fortune, however, Joe returned after only four days since her inaugural cannibalistic foray.

The dim starlight flooded her tomb briefly, blinding Meg after being kept in perfect darkness for so long. The wet thump of a new roommate being deposited, before the room plunged once more into pitch black, gave Meg new hope. She hadn’t revisited Peter since her first meal, after the terrible illness her devourment of his dead, stinking flesh had brought on. Here though, was a fresh meal. Perhaps this one wouldn’t be such a sickening endeavour…”

Available on Amazon

Enter the Minds of a Luniakk: What to Expect in 2018

2018 has seen the birth of Luniakk Publications – initially a platform, in collaboration with Disturbing Drawings and The Bold Mom, from which to launch the selected works of Toneye Eyenot and Mar Garcia. After four years of being traditionally published with J. Ellington Ashton Press and having work appearing in dozens of anthologies, it was decided that these tales of terror should be brought together in one place as a series of collections, under a brand indicative of the various writing ‘personalities’ Eyenot has become known for.

Since its inception, Luniakk has begun to grow in a few different directions while still  maintaining the primary focus. The merging with The Bold Mom and Disturbing Drawings takes us into the realms of promotion, as well as publishing related services like formatting, editing and book covers. Authors who do come to us to have their book published are welcome to go under the Luniakk label, if they so choose, while still retaining all rights to every aspect of their work. Upon payment of services, the author is free to take their book and do with it what they will. Luniakk Publications takes zero percentage of royalties once the book is published and has no say in any decisions the author may make concerning their book. We’ll just help you get it in shape, get it out there and get it seen.

As the year progresses, Luniakk Publications will be unleashing Hell in various forms:  novellas, illustrated collections of short stories and poetry, with the possibility of anthologies a bit down the track. Future outside collaborations are in the cards. Also, an ancient and arcane discovery – translated into English by Eyenot – so terrifying the very fabric of existence may be torn asunder. Step into our darkness and descend into the foulest depths of Hell.


Brand new from Luniakk Publications, we bring you this short story of Apocalyptic despair! Available in Kindle e-book at only 99c, and now also in audiobook! Enjoy a small sample of the chaos:

…From what I could see, the people were blowing to bits, and anyone unfortunate enough to be hit by the flying portions of human exploded within moments themselves. There was an indescribable stench in the air. Cars were smashing into poles, buildings and each other; on fire, detonating with deafening roars. People were screaming and exploding left, right and centre. I can’t begin to illustrate to you the sheer scale of hysteria, which permeated the very air I struggled to breathe as I ran, with just words. You simply had to be there to fully appreciate what I am trying to say. The entire atmosphere was stifling. This is stifling, just writing these words… Where the hell is everybody? I need to get out of this box. Breathe.

Get inside the mind of this reluctant survivor here:

Kindle: mybook.to/QUAD

Audiobook: https://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Quad-Audiobook/B07DWHL48F



The latest round of mental derangement from the mind(s) of Toneye/Eyenot has emerged from the darkest shadows of Luniakk Publications. We are here to steal your sleep. Are you ready to face your nightmares?

Your vision blurred, body buzzing with exhaustion, flashes of malevolent darkness in the corners of your eyes…they sense you slipping. They are impatiently tugging at your consciousness. You can’t stay awake forever, and when you finally do fall asleep…they will be there, waiting to greet you with open arms.
Delirium and psychosis are beginning to set in. Are these visions real? Or merely the hallucinatory projections of your sleep-deprived mind?
Close your eyes. Rest your weary bones. Find yourself in the darkest corners of my mind(s)…Of Nightmare Realities – from which you may never wake.

Cover created by the devilishly talented Mar Garcia of The Bold Mom and Disturbing Drawings.

Dead Tree Version available Here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1980795738

Kindle Version available below:

Are You Ready To Face Your Nightmares?

nightmare KIndle COVER

OF NIGHTMARE REALITIES – The next gathering of horrors to emerge from the darker than dark imaginings of Eyenot…unleashed April 9, 2018

Amazon link here: mybook.to/OfNightmares

So… in the blinding wake of that Flash of Darkness, you survived your little Psychotic Interlude, and now you have dared to venture even further into the desolate mind(s) of this Luniakk…Well, aren’t you a brave soul!

When putting together this collection, something quite disturbing dawned on me. Eye was arranging these short tales in a way eye hoped to capture and keep you, all the way to the end of this book. It was my intention to break them up somewhat, noticing that the first couple of stories had a recurring theme of isolation and loneliness. Upon further attempts to diversify the order a little, it became evident that every story carries these dismal themes in one way or another. This was a little disconcerting to me at first. It made me wonder, “Am eye really that miserable and morbid?” But then Mar, my beautifully darker half, put it all into perspective for me and this collection suddenly made perfect sense; it was an epiphany of sorts.

She told me, “A lot like Death, the most terrifying thing about nightmares is that you face them completely alone.”

Kinda like reading a book, really, isn’t it? Now it’s your turn. Step warily into the nightmare realms of my mind(s). Maybe…just, maybe, you won’t be as alone as you think.

cover created and designed by Mar G-A. Disturbing Drawings:  https://liveheroes.com/en/brand/disturbing-drawings